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Hands Free Kit
  • Blue Connect Blue Tooth Hands-Free Car Kit
    • Blue Connect Blue Tooth Hands-Free Car Kit Look Ma : No Hands!
    •  How many times did you spill the coffee on yourself while driving and talking on the phone? How many times did you wish for that OLD CAR phone hands free? Your Wish is our command with the NEW BLUE CONNECT car kit. Installed for only $399 and can work with up to 7 different Bluetooth phones. This is not a toy. Toyota installs these same devices as OEM products and we've become an authorized dealer after many requests from our customers for a good Hands Free.
    • I've been using it for 1 month and I absolutely love it, said Amid, founder of Auto Accents. It is the first Hands free I really like and it is wired into the car and looks factory finish thanks to Auto Accents' great installers.
    • Covert, Clean installation and a great safety feature for your driving fun. We recommend the Blue Connect for all of our customers today!  Stop by for a FREE DEMO

      BLUECONNECT - Bluetooth®
      handsfree car kit

      BlueConnect® is a state-of-the-art integrated, hands free cell phone system for your vehicle. Developed by Johnson Controls, Inc., BlueConnect utilizes Bluetooth® wireless technology in a hands free profiled cell phone and eliminates the need BlueConnect wirelessto hold a handheld cell phone, wear a headset, earpiece, or use an in-vehicle mounted handset adapter while making or receiving phone calls. BlueConnect is easy to use, hands free, and voice activated. BlueConnect® is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls.

      BlueConnect hands free cell phone system

      Getting Started
      First, your Bluetooth® profiled cell phone must be paired or electronically matched to your BlueConnect® unit. Then simply place your cell phone anywhere in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Your Bluetooth® hands free profiled cell phone will automatically connect or transmit to your BlueConnect® unit every time it is on, charged, or within range (30ft).


    • Automotive Grade System - uses the same superior technology developed for leading automotive manufacturer's.
    • Voice Controlled System - uses advanced voice recognition to pair devices, configure the system, and dial phone numbers.
    • Advanced Voice Recognition - dials using IBM Embedded Via Voice speech recognition.
    • Advanced Noise Filtration Software - uses noise reduction and echo cancellation software to improve sound quality.
    • Single Language Voice UI - uses US English Standard, additional languages to be offered in the future.
    Shipping Weight:  5 Pounds, 6 Ounces

    Price:  $329

     Purchase price Includes freight to all 48 states


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