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Window Tinting for SUV LARGE windows & Rear
SKU# Window Tinting for SUV LARGE windows & Rear
Window Tinting for LARGE SUV's windows & Rear
Tinting of LARGE SUV's that can be done in one day in most instances with a scheduled appointment. We use high quality film and high quality tint technicians that will make your truck look and feel cool.

Trucks, vans, cars and sports vehicles are can be treated with our window film treatment to give your interior the coolness and privacy you desire.

• Choose proper shade of tint film
• Clean & Prep windows for tinting
• Prepare interior of car
• Measure film to size of windows
• Apply film to interiors of glass
• Use our DOUBLE DRY approach 
• Remove extra film from windows
• Clean Interior of vehicle
• Prepare car for delivery to customer
• Teach customer how to care for tint
Film Shades:  5% (Add $50.00), 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% (See tint laws in OHIO)

Price:  6 Hours We use high quality tint film and technicians...


Your innovators in fashion and high performance for automotive window Film for Cleveland OHIO “Driven by protecting drivers from sun's rays, heat and glare, LLUMAR  provides instant credibility and value-add to automotive consumers Manager, Auto Accents CLEVELAND OHIO, Owner of the  Auto Accent is pleased to announce that Car tinting in Cleveland OHIO has a film for every car, the world's largest window film network, has been licensed to develop  Auto Accents window film products for the automotive market in Cleveland OHIO. Auto Accents, a leading installer of TINT in Cleveland OHIO  brand, extends naturally to window film products enhancing Auto Accents Cleveland OHIO promise to provide protection solutions for cars in Cleveland OHIO car owners and their families. According to Car, “ Auto Accents's strong market position and rich heritage is a perfect fit with dominant market presence in Cleveland OHIO. We are excited about the growth potential we see with the  Auto Accents brand” “ Auto Accents is extremely pleased to partner with LLUMAR Tint supplier of quality window films. Auto Accents adding Tint to Cars high quality performance based product that consumers have come to expect from the  Auto Accents brand. Auto Accents is a natural brand fit for consumers seeking UV protection in all aspects of their lives from what they wear to what that drive.  Auto Accents not only provides the performance and technology credibility but also adds cachet as a fashion brand. We expect that following the launch in Cleveland OHIO we will extend the concept to other geographies.”


Auto Accents Window Tint has tinted hundreds of customer’s vehicles – cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, limousines, RVs, commercial trucks, and more. With our extensive experience, we can help you choose the right window tint for your individual needs:

  Keeping Your Cool
Our window films block out almost 100% of UV rays and reject up to 63% of the sun’s heat energy. Because of this, hot spots are reduced maintaining a comfortable interior. Your car’s air conditioner won’t have to work as hard – saving fuel and reducing maintenance costs.

Reduces Glare
One unexpected benefit you’ll appreciate when you have our window films installed is the added comfort of driving – less glare on bright sunny days and from blinding headlights at night. This helps ease eyestrain and driver fatigue.

Increased Safety
Upon impact, the tempered glass used on side and rear windows can shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces. Our films can help hold kernels of broken glass together. That means less chance of injury from flying glass in case of an accident or blow from a heavy object.

Increased Protection
Our window films help deter thieves from a quick smash and grab break-in – helping to keep you and your possessions safer.

After many years of testing various manufacturers and materials, we have selected Sun-Gard Performance Slate for the highest quality tints at affordable prices. The numbers below indicate the percentage of light shining through the film. This is also referred to as a film’s Visible Light Transfer (VLT).

Offers protection while letting most light through
Slightly darker
The darkest tint – it is sometimes referred as “limo tint”

Each window of your vehicle has different limits of VLT according to state law. Please refer to the Local Regulations or  to learn more.

Precise Cutting
Window Tint uses technology to ensure your window films are precisely cut for window tinting, signs and graphics.

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